Jackie Lynn Hager Co, LPA
Helping make sure everyone pays their fair share of real estate taxes. No more, No less
Paying your fair share
Helping challenge real estate property values to ensure everyone pays their fair share in real estate taxes
Over 18 years experience 
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Experienced Attorney
I care about protecting your real estate tax dollars.
I work in every county within the State of Ohio, appearing before local county Boards of Revision, Common Pleas Courts, Court of Appeals, Ohio Board of Tax Appeals and the Supreme Court of Ohio.  As a solo practioner, I can provide the same quality of legal services  and responsiveness at a more affordable and competitive hourly rate. 
  1. School Districts
    School Districts
    I research sale prices to determine if real property is undervalued and if so, challenge those valuations to obtain additional tax dollars for the school district. I also help defend real estate tax dollars when real property valuation reductions are being sought.
  2. Property Owners
    Property Owners
    I assist property owners in getting their real property value reassessed by the county auditor, through the help of experienced appraisers and relevant sales.
  3. County Auditors and County BOR
    County Auditors and County BOR
    I protect the values assessed by the County Auditor and the decisions made by the County Board of Revision.